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Garmin Tactix Watch

Once in a while I miss something which comes out, especially since I was preoccupied with something else like it.  That is something I like to fix whenever possible.  If you did not know, I wore a Garmin Fenix 5 Sapphire HR for a while and am working on a solid review of it right now.  One watch which I skipped over was the Garmin Tactix Bravo, not for any particular reason but because I was specifically eye balling the Fenix 5 as it was the "new hotness" that was coming out.  I found out recently that the Garmin Tactix Charlie is coming out later this month and is an updated version of the Bravo.  It looks like it has all the options you would need if you happen to be doing HAHO's and using NVG's enough to need those particular settings.  It has some pretty legit sensors which put a lot of other "multisport GPS" watches to shame pretty quickly.  I am not going to be buying it as I do not need those particular settings but if you are a high speed operationally operative operator, you should probably look hard at this as it'll give you all the data to backup your activities.