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AmmunitionDepot M2A1 .50Cal Can

Ammunitiondepot.com sent me this brand new M2A1 .50cal ammo can to test and evaluate.  Few things about ammo cans if you have never purchased one.  Stay away from plastic can look-a-likes, they usually made from cheap plastic and are not rated to carry heavy loads (like a lot of ammo).  Used cans, while they may be cheaper are often rusted and require a respray of coating in order to stop further corrosion or otherwise stop further issues down the line.  A brand new can can (and will) last for a several years, even if hard used constantly storing bulk ammo which is loose.  Two things to further consider are the locking mechanism and the rubber seals.  If you buy a used can, you will need to change the rubber seal for a new one, especially so if you live in a humid climate because you do not want your ammo to become corroded as it may be a safety concern (compromised ammo may cause a malfunction or kaboom in a firearm).  The locking mechanism needs to be very tight and difficult to close and open, this serves a two fold purpose, first it allows the rubber seal to do its job and keep the contents from being exposed to the environment and second because these cans are designed around hard use and to be tumbled around without opening up, remember they were designed for mass use by infantry troops in rough circumstances.  I will be using this can throughout this summer's training season and will do a review of it later this year.  I have seen and used other .50cal cans in various quality levels, I remember purchasing a "MIL used .50cal can" at a local gun show many years ago and purchased it for about $10, and it was good for a single training season.  As I stated the rubber gasket was trash, the locking mechanism had issues and required constant readjustment, I ended up throwing it one day because humidity had caused some of the 9mm ammo to start to rust from sitting in my trunk for too long.  Not something I want to go through again.  This new ammo can removes all of those issues.