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Cool internet finds

Some cool stuff I found around on the internet in the last day or two. 

Multicam Black is the new multicam, its awesome and everything should come in it.  The good thing about that is, everything will and it will be adopted by hipsters and actual tactical dudes alike.  There is a backpack on Kickstarter called Alpha 31, comes in multicam black and black, has a lot of good features which I like, check it out.

While I have not done extensive research on past US Presidents, especially those who did their thing before I was born, it is always interesting to find little tidbits of influential presidents and their lives.  Andrew Jackson, who is on the $20 bill, was involved in over 100 pistol duels of honor, this was before he was president.  Talk about literally standing up and fighting over things you believe.  Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt loved to fight (link to VICE, I know, I know...) and did so for most of his life well into his presidency.  He boxed, wrestled and even practiced Judo with Japanese and US politicians.  Abraham Lincoln was known for not backing down from a physical confrontation.  There are probably more, and I will definitely do more research on the matter but it is good to know there are men who were not afraid to do violence and then went on to become great leaders in this country, especially given the current weakness which permeates through our society. 

Apparently Nixon, decided to collaborate with "U.S. Special Operations" soldiers to make a watch.  Who exactly? What units/teams? Who knows.  But apparently the result was the Nixon Regulus.  $150 for a cooler than g-shock looking LED watch.  No GPS or other type functions.  Interesting.

Edelweiss Arms a division of KRISS USA sells imported antique and collectible firearms, focusing mainly on Swiss firearms.  Not cheap, but really cool finds if you like that type of thing.

I enjoy some of the stuff Timex does from time to time.  They collaborated with Todd Snyder to create the MK1 Steel Collection.  Right around a hundred dollars a watch and a pretty vintagey look/feel. 

Ka-bar released this TDI Shark Bite, which is made from a synthetic hard material and sort of looks like a pistol grip.  Which is cool, because you can carry this AIWB in the same manner as your pistol.  I might grab one to test.