Just mere life is not victory, just mere death is not defeat.

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Sunday Evening Thoughts

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I posted this quote by Dr. Jordan Peterson and I wanted to follow up with what it means to me.  This is a heavy topic, one which I doubt I will be able to adequately convey all the facets of it's meaning but there are a few specific points I wanted to touch on.  What is accepted as a "good man" and what are some misconceptions, as this concept applies to violence or the ability of violence.

Everyone has their own concepts of what a good man is, usually supportive of their particular position in life, social structure, or expectations.  One of those traits is almost always the concept of safety, as in people (women and weaker men) feeling safe around a good man because there is an expectation of protection.  Except the average man does not know how to be violent beyond a natural aggression.  There are dozens of videos where a man has his chest popped out yelling, maybe flailing his arms to another man who is a bouncer and it eventually ends in the peacock going for a forced kindergarten style nap, bedtime story and all.  This is very reflective of the general population of "men" many of them would be catigorized as a good man by someone, hopefully.

Once you move beyond the concept of physical confrontation, interpersonal violence, there is only the clear deficit of training.  The average man does not know how to fight.  They do not understand the concepts and they do not understand the requirements.  They are not initiated, they are pedestrians.  Training is one aspect which many lack, but most lack mindset.  There is no worthwhile training without mindset driving it.  Consider someone who you might call a good man, and someone whom you would expect to do violence on your behalf.  Has that good man ever been in a fight?  Has he ever been punched in the face?  Has he ever shot a firearm?  Does he run his mouth at the first sign of conflict, peacocking as a defense mechanism?

What type of responsibilities does a good man have when it comes to violence?  All of them.  A good man is capable of quickly solving any problem which requires violence.  A good man understands that there are mandatory skill sets which he absolutely needs to develop, tactical (target) discrimination, confidence in his training and the matured capacity for patience are just a few.

A good man has the skill sets which are applicable to a violent situation and yet he will stand fast, showing reservation to act, only committing to violence when absolutely necessary.  There is no glory, or honor, in the blatant disregard for others.  Rather the actions of a good man will reflect his level of competence in violence.  The ability to take life but chosing not to when applicable, and doing so without hesitation when required, is paramount.

Maybe I will write a more detailed analysis of what a "good man" is supposed to be, but it is obvious that there are less good men in the world and more weak men who play good men in real life.