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Sunday Evening Thoughts

One of the biggest issues I constantly find myself facing is how to communicate my experience in an easy way which could be understood by those who may not have the same experiences as I do.  I have found that online, via forums or otherwise, it is very difficult because most people either disregard what you have to say or just apply their filter (could also be considered inflection) to what they are reading.  Face to face this is hardly an issue, as the people who are most experienced on a particular topic of conversation will usually be able to have a cordial conversation and once they explain their position the contention is reduced almost immediately.  I find that people online will almost always read what someone else wrote with a bias or through a filter which reduces the quality of the information presented.  I do not know what to call it, as it does not really exist in real life with an engaged audience.  Maybe internet topic decay percentage?  I do not know, but it definitely exists. 

I have had conversations with people online and in person, nearly word for word duplicates, and at one point online the conversation will almost immediately turn negative but yet in person it continues in a positive way, allowing for the transfer of concepts and ideas.  This makes me consider more and more than a platform such as this site allows for a greater application of transference of knowledge, as the people who want to be negative and argue do not have such avenues available to them.  Of course I have gotten some hate email over some of the things I post, but that is almost always attributed to an emotional connection to an object. 

While I understand that there is a process which exists that I may not know know yet to transfer information via online posts that will yield the same high percentage of success which I enjoy with face to face interactions, I may start to scale back.  I may need to just sit back and instead of attempting to educate on a topic, I may need to just inform, as I have done with my reviews, AAR's and articles.  I think I will start to save my "educational moments" for real life, face to face type situations. 

Growing up, I remember when the internet became a thing, before the current iteration, but BBS and the like.  I remember how much information I could get into without ever leaving my house, or my neighborhood.  Then the bigger internet started to take shape and how much information I had at my fingertips.  I remember when chat rooms became popular (I know, going way back, this was before text messaging) and I began to talk to people from all over the world.  Having those conversations with people who live lives which are foreign to me and experience things which I have not, or could not, was like taking a bite of mythical ambrosia.  So much information, I took it all in and continue to do so.  When I come across people who quite literally squander this gift we have developed for ourselves I cannot really wrap my head around it.  Imagine the horse which has water instantly available without ever having to go to the lake, yet still looking elsewhere for it, refusing which is directly in front of them, which only requires an open mind and acceptance.