Just mere life is not victory, just mere death is not defeat.

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I posted a few weeks ago about Dr. Jordan Peterson's Book - 12 Rules For Life, finished it and there are so many seriously legit lessons which work directly off of Jacko's Extreme Ownership that I decided I should share both of their podcast and advise anyone who reads this post to listen to the podcast below.  Then purchase Extreme Ownership, read that, then get 12 Rules for Life, read that.  Let it stew a bit and then go back and read both again.  I am going to re-read Extreme Ownership in the next few days just to reinforce some of the concepts.  Very deep and very legit.  If you do not have a journal already, get one and take notes to reference later while you read both books and listen to the below podcast.  You will definitely be happy you did.  Level up.