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Sunday Evening Thoughts

Quick story because I know you are probably enjoying yourself.  Many years ago I was working the night before Christmas.  It was a cold day and for the most part no one was out and about as I got into work around 10pm.  At around 11:30pm we start getting lots of calls for an overturned vehicle on a busy street.  I showed up and the scene was gruesome.  The driver of the vehicle was probably killed instantly (no seat belt), after he went off the road and rolled the vehicle several times until it stopped rolling on its roof.  You could smell the alcohol as soon as you got to any window of the vehicle.  The vehicle was filled with toys for his family, he was on his way home from a Christmas party where drank too much.  When we got the data from his blood back he was only just over the limit, around 10% over.  The spouse, the children, all had to be woken up in the middle of the night and told of what occurred. 

With app-based taxi services like Uber/Lyft, friends/family, and possibly just walking home.  There is absolutely zero excuse to drink and drive.  Zero.  None.  If you are a follower of this site you probably train frequently and take things seriously.  You carry a firearm, become proficient in various forms of violence and spend all that time to just throw it away after a drink or two?  I think not, right?  Think before you act.  Do not operate a vehicle impaired.