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Strike Control Device Gen5, G43/42 Pre-order

As you may know I am a yuggge fan of the SCD aka "The Gadget" for the Glock pistol.  If you do not have one or are like me, who has a Glock 43 and several Gen5 Glocks which I want to carry but reluctantly hesitate because of the lack of gadget attached then you shall be happy to hear that you can now PREORDER one for a Gen5, Glock 43 and Glock 42.  At the link are estimated dates of fulfillment, maybe be sooner of course.  Do not snooze on these as they are at a discounted price.  I am definitely getting at least one for each of my Gen5's and my 43.  You should too, unless like, you want to shoot yourself in the femoral.  Then again, if you are reading this you probably are not someone who should worry about that as you train and think critically about such things.