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Company Highlight - Warrior Culture Gear

While doing some product research and development for V Development Group, I stumbled across Warrior Culture Gear and their @theprintshopusa custom product development section.  After speaking with John on several occasions, we decided to go forward with some caps which select VIP members of V Development Group would get for free.  When I went to pickup the caps at their shop I decided to bring my camera along to snap some photos of the place and have some conversations with the guys/gals who work there, as well as the guy behind the brand, Jason Juranis.  What I found is a company which is hell-bent on quality before quantity, doing right by their customers and embodying the true culture of the industry, which is ethical business practices through teamwork and detail oriented workmanship.  Luckily I was able to have the entire experience prior to writing up this highlight, from inquiries to customer to inside the shop.

The above IG post was done the day I went to pickup the custom caps from the shop.  Everyone was busy working on various projects.

Matt was making some t-shirts and I snapped some action shots of the multiple step process.

Every single shirt was made with a deliberate attention to detail, the setup process was done very meticulously, for each shirt being printed.

I watched them breeze through several t-shirt designs and efficiently, which to me appeared to be the hallmark of their experience.  Warrior Culture Gear has been in operation for around five years and during that time this brand has become a recognizable name in the firearms/tactical industry as a "go to" for printing, and recently, for embroidery work.  I did not have them do any t-shirts for me this time around, but I am very happy with the result of the embroidery work their print shop did with the custom caps.

Meg was busy putting custom logos on the inside of the recently made t-shirts.

Kenny was also running around helping out, pulling and packing orders.

While looking around the shop, I could see some of their custom work sitting on the shelves waiting to be packed and shipped to their customers.  The wide array of items and designs really stood out.  From various custom caps with different designs, materials and colors.

To custom various custom t-shirt designs.

While I was taking photos I got in on a meeting of the minds while the crew discussed color selection for a custom project they were doing.  This highlighted their attention to detail, as they could have just disregarded what the client wanted and went with whatever they thought looked best, they offered the client several options of design and color variations.  This is the only true way of doing business in my opinion and they seem to have it down to a science.

While they were talking I started looking around and saw the extensive custom t-shirt design catalog they had on hand.  Which has moved now, from what I understand, they changed the layout of the shop since I took these photos.

When I went over to their embroidery machine, I found John working on a cap for Sage Dynamics.

He was constantly looking after the machine and making sure it was doing exactly what it was supposed to be doing, keeping a close eye on the details.  Behind him were some completed caps and they were pretty legit.

I also found out that they had their own coffee brand and blend.  You may not know it but I am known to enjoy a good cup of coffee/espresso and was very interested in their blend.  They were kind enough to give me one of their mugs and a bag of their Knuckle Up Coffee Medium Blend - short review will be coming soon.

With that I was finished with the shop and decided to go upstairs to speak with Jason for a few minutes about Warrior Culture Gear's mission and purpose.

Walking upstairs to the room before Jason's office there were many posters and various items on the walls.  You can tell this was a good working space that was not just for show.

When I came into Jason's office he was busy speaking with Matt and they were discussing what custom t-shirt designs should be given attention and what color layouts they wanted to focus on for those designs.

If you follow Warrior Culture Gear on IG you will know that Jason is very active and is constantly posting, doing the live feeds and always answering questions.  This is part of his commitment to not only his customers but to the industry as a whole.  I got the impression that he is the open door policy type of guy who wants to talk to people and help in any way he possibly can, especially when it comes to children's causes and veterans issues.  He also works with numerous law enforcement related businesses local to their shop.

Having spent some time with the crew at the shop I knew that if I had future projects, I would definitely be contacting them for collaboration and that I would be recommending their work, not just for custom stuff but for their innovation and customer-focused practices which I believe every company should do, but so few actually do.

If you have a custom t-shirt, cap, printing or embroidery project you are looking to do and may need some direction or want to get some help completing, you should contact The Printshop.  Though they will probably be busy with SHOT orders right now, they are pretty quick on the reply.  The caps I had them do for me were done very quickly and the quality of the work was very impressive.

The back and forth conversation was quick and concise, for embroidered caps there were no minimums and they did the digitizing of the designs for me, then made an example of the finished product sending me photos of it.  That whole process was quick and easy to navigate through.  I will be using them for my future projects as they know exactly what they are doing and how to produce a good product.