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Sunday Evening Thoughts

Now a days most classes I go to, one of the first questions asked during the intro/brief is "who here has a tourniquet on them?"

Should you have a tourniquet on your person at all times?  Have you ever trained with a tourniquet?  Do you understand what a tourniquet is for?  How often would a tourniquet save a life over other medical items?

If these questions are mysterious to you or if you've never done the research, start now.  If you carry a pistol you most definitely need to have a tourniquet on you at all times.  You carry a pistol to protect yourself and shoot people with it.  That means you may be shot and/or stabbed yourself, and at a minimum require something to immediately address this issue.  A tourniquet is the first, and best, step in equalizing the force with the support.  

But carry a tourniquet should not just be remanded to those who carry pistols.  There are many reasons why having a tourniquet is a good idea, at work, in your car, making sure your family is equipped.  It is not just for them, but for others in your community who may need assistance and were not prepared.  

I posted previously about this topic several times and recently about it after the Vegas Massacre.  It is very important that responsible people start carrying the items/tools which can help them act in times of stress and need.  

Medical training is just as important as firearms training.  It is all part of being a well rounded, responsible American, who can take action when needed because you are prepared to do so.  Training is the only way to get there.  Seek out competent instruction for it.