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Massdrop finds

Please this link to sign up and check out the below items that you are probably interested in, if you aren't signed up you cannot see the "drops."  Some of this stuff is pretty niche/unique, others are just available temporarily at a pretty decent discount.  Check them out.

Rockwell Razor shaving set $19.99+shipping

Lion Steel SR2 Mini Molleta $99.99+shipping

CRKT Hammond 7904 Cruiser $17.49+shipping

Maratac Bac-Sac 100D Daypack REV4 $82.99+shipping

Kershaw 1730SS Zing $17.99+shipping

Kizer Zugang S35VN Frame Lock $124.99+shipping

Ka-Bar Jarosz 7506 Tanto $33.49+shipping

Spyderco ParaMilitary 2 G10/S110V $152.97+shipping

TOPS Tom Brown Tracker (T-1) $184.99+shipping (Same blade used in "The Hunted")

Kizer Willumsen Yamakasi Ti $114.99+shipping

Boker .50 Cal CID Tactical Bolt Pen $27.99+shipping

Boker Plus Gnome $33.99+shipping

Ka-Bar Becker Reinhardt Kukri $119.99+shipping

Spyderco Karahawk $179.97+shipping

CRKT Birler Compact Axe $46.99+shipping