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Glock 19's

If you do not have a Glock 19, either Gen3 or Gen4, then you are missing out on one of the best "do all" pistols on the market.  The all black Gen4 has 50k+ rounds through it and was replaced by the FDE Gen3 which is my EDC pistol.  It is on its way to catching up on the Gen4.  Right now, the Gen3 is better for me, and I would recommend anyone find themselves a good Gen3, a good holster, ammo and train until your fingers hurt, until you see the front sight post as a permanent blind spot in your vision.  

I added slide spiders and a Thin Blue Line grip art panel in that particular position because I do a pinch grip racking of the pistol every time.  This provides me the best possible grip surface.  Yes it grinds up the Seraph AIWB holster it sits in, but if I wanted aesthetics over function then this would be a totally different kind of site.  Modify your EDC pistol to provide the best possible performance for your particular mission requirements and do not take notes from others on what works for them or does not.  Figure it out for yourself because in the end of the day, you are the one carrying the pistol every day, not them, and they will not be there to hold your hand when you have to use it.  

Gen4: Zev Magwell Pro | Ameriglo FBI Contract Sights