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Tactical Distributors - Affiliation Disclosure

I always want to be as honest and transparent as possible within OPSEC/PERSEC and I posted before explaining why I have Amazon ad's in various places and that is because if you click on an Amazon ad and buy something I am able to keep this site live and continue to get gear to review - along with photography equipment for better photos.  This translate into better content, and I appreciate everyone who uses the links posted here to purchase items, you not just supporting this site, but you are supporting the mission of this site which is to provide 100% legit and unbiased reviews/info.  I go out of my way to make sure I get enough experience with something before I post it, I also answer in the area of 30-50 emails a week on questions on various gear/kit, mindset, training and everything in between.  I enjoy this, I want to contribute as much as possible to the tactical/training gun/2A community as possible.  This is important to me.

For example they have the Adidas Terrex Fast-R shoes I reviewed earlier this year for sale.

Having said the above, I have decided to accept an affiliate association with Tactical Distributors.  This is because I have a lot of the stuff they sell, I have purchased (and will purchase) a lot of the stuff they sell and this gives me additional incentive to review these items for you, the end user/reader of this site.  They have a pretty good line up and I would highly recommend checking out their deals as they are typically way below other retailers of the same items.

If there is an item you want to see reviewed which Tactical Distributors sells, please email me or comment and I will look into getting it and expediting a review.  Currently I have some of their pants coming in as I am eager to a large pant comparison, since there are so many out there, and we all wear them, I hope.

Anyway, you will see a Tactical Distributors banner somewhere on the site once I figure out where I want it, they have all sorts of awesome stuff from Salomon and Arc'teryx.  Basically a lot of stuff I already own, will review/have reviewed and will recommend to purchase.