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Massdrop finds...

I have not done one of these for a while but if you have not done so yet, sign up for Massdrop.  Yes, I do some sort of unknown "gift box" if I refer 5 people who buy something using the above url to sign up, but that's not my purpose of these posts.  Often times Massdrop cheaper prices for items which would otherwise cost a good bit more.  Two caveats is that you have to wait slightly longer for it, but usually the cost is in the area of 10-30% off Amazon price, which is pretty damn good if you ask me on certain things.  Massdrop is heavy into hobby-type items, but there are plenty of EDC and other assorted things which a lot of people who read this site will probably like.

For example they have this Boker Kwaiken Wooden handled Mirror finished folding blade for $99.99.  Just an FYI you have to sign up in order to be able to see it.  It's an exclusive for Massdrop, on Amazon its standard handled counterpart is $140+.

They actually have an entire blade and EDC section for "drops" and yes, they also have fidget spinners in case you swing that direction.  I usually check Massdrop before I buy anything I could probably find there for cheaper before I purchase it else where online, especially if I do not need it at that very moment.