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Feature Analysis: Phlster Classic Holster

The PHLster Classic holster is the epitome of what a causal carry holster is.  It has all the up to date cool new features which most people who like to carry appendix want and it offers a lot of bang for buck in terms of design elements compared against what is available in the field in terms of holsters contrasted against going rate for holsters and overall value.  This is the type of holster you throw on when you are rolling around with jeans a t-shirt.  Just a comfortable AIWB rig that has a lot of boxes checked in terms of application and features.

The PHLster holster is made out of standard kydex-type material using the most up-to-date version of thermomolding.  You can see that every single line and angle has a reason to be there and not just because it was that way because of how a traditional (and antiquated) kydex press allowed the holster to lay.

The Classic features an open bottom design which allows for use with microcomps and threaded barrels.  It also allows you to run longer than Glock 17 length Glock's like the 34 or 17L, though your front sight will be exposed.

The Classic has a built in hard wedge design.  This is a new approach to solving an old problem with appendix carry.  The Classic's built in hard wedge work well adds to overall concealment.  Other holsters would need a neoprene wedge in order to facilitate similar concealment, like the neoprene wedge from V Development Group.

The Classic comes with the TuckStrut which is a PHLster design attachment mechanism.  This attachment allows for the belt to have a wider birth, which creates a space for the user to attain a master grip when drawing.  It also pushes the belt outward to give you a similar print as a raven claw would.

The TuckStrut is built to last with a reinforced design and adjustable ride height.  

The trigger guard is designed specifically to maximize retention and minimize play.  The user will hear and feel a click when reholstering the pistol.  This is good because if you happen to do something which needed you to do something physical would not necessarily cause the pistol to fall out on its own, as it may with traditional (and inferior) fold over holsters).

The sight channel is large enough to allow normal and suppressor height sights to be used in conjunction with this holster.

It accepts any optic mounted Glock pistol.  So it takes MOS Glocks with RMR's and any other optic mounted in that system, Dueck Defense RBU's with optics mounted (as pictured above) and ATOM slides from Unity Tactical with Aimpoint T1's if needed.  

You can buy the PHLster Classic in black kydex-type material at the PHLsterholsters.com store.

If you want the Classic featured in some of the photos above, you can get them for a limited time from V Development Group which periodically sells the holsters exclusive run of Classic holsters in premium Raptor material.