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AAR: Women's Defense Course, Amtac / Bill Rapier, May 26 (2017), New Holland PA

My name is Larisa, and I am a mother of three boys. I decided to take Bill's (one day) Women's Defense class because I need to be able to protect my kids. I also have to worry about wild animals like bears, coyotes, mountain lions, because of where we live, but also criminal trespassers. We have two big dogs to alarm us when someone or something is on our property, and also to give us time while the kids get to safety while we arm ourselves to protect them.
Glock 19
AIWB Holster
Training blade
OWB Mag pouch

First Half:
Bill's class was very empowering for me as a citizen, a woman and a mother. He provided proper instruction regarding the right tools to help me become more prepared physically, emotionally, and also mentally. This was possible because Bill is a very experienced instructor who quickly identified any issues and quickly explained the topic effectively.

Bill started with the basic foundation of safety and handling of a gun around the house, like handling the gun in your "working space", not pointing the gun towards someone or something you are not willing to shoot, and also being aware who is around you and "scanning".

Bill showing proper pistol grip.

Bill talking about and showing the class what "working space" means.

Bill explaining to a student specific aspects of keeping a pistol in the working space.

The class burning reps of "scanning."

Bill corrected any issues he saw and this allowed the students to burn the proper reps during the class.

Bill showing the class proper pistol grip.

Bill also taught us about handling the gun when carrying concealed, which made the other students, and I, consider where would we would conceal a pistol, in our purses or on us in a holster? It seems harder for women to conceal a pistol with the kind of clothing we would wear.

Bill demonstrating proper draw stroke.

Students doing draw strokes during a drill.

Bill talked about being aware of our surroundings, the "circle of awareness" as he calls it, and always see the things before they could happen. He also talked about considering different scenarios, being in different situations, and if things would start to go bad how would we react? Were we ready to react? Were we prepared, were we willing?

Bill talking about "circle of awareness."

Some of the women in the class were more experienced than others, Bill took his time and was very patient at explaining and showing the fundamentals of handling a gun.

Bill explaining proper trigger press.

Bill demonstrated every drill before the students shot it.

The students shooting some drills.

Bill was quick to see any issue and help diagnose them.

Second Half:
This class helped us, think about our family and how are we going to protect our children in different scenarios and he started the process of preparing us for that day. It can be very emotional and stressful to imagine our children being in danger, but it could be worse if we never even think about it and we do not prepare for that day.

Bill showing the students Spear Elbow / Shield Elbow and explaining its effectiveness / application.

Bill made us feel more comfortable with handling the gun, he added one new topic of instruction at a time and we practiced that new topic while also going through the previously covered topics.

Bill showing Spear Elbow in a retention shooting position during a live fire drill.

As each student practiced this position, Bill and Tom helped correctly position the students.

Each student ran the drill live fire.

As a woman, I know I am not physically strong enough to fight a man, but if I am aware of my surrounding, I can use my tools and the concepts Bill taught us to succeed in a bad situation. Bill taught us about the "reactionary gap" and how it can level the playing field for us women, this concept helped explain why some tools are more effective than others.

Bill and Tuhon Tom demonstrating "reactionary gap" for the class.

Bill brought up very good points which should be heavily considered, like how would our family react and is our family prepared? He focused, not only, on the importance of us being prepared, but also the people we are trying to protect to be prepared, to know what to do and to expect what may happen in different scenarios.

Bill talking the students through a pad striking and pistol deployment drill.

Each student went through the drill.

Bill finishing up with a mindset talk.

Class photo.

I would definitely recommend this class for any woman who is ready to take that next step in protecting her children and herself.

This AAR is written by Larisa Kier, wife of Tuhon Thomas Kier, edited and photos by me (vdm@vdmsr.com)