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Ryker Nylon Gear AFAK

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming...

I am currently working on a detailed review of the Gen-1 Ryker Nylon Gear AFAK.  The below photo is of the newer, better, Gen-2 version.  

I got an email last week asking me to explain the proper way to say AFAK.  
Say, A-Fuck, just replace the U with an A.

What's in it though?

The Gen-1 version has been with me every single day while I am duty.  I have posted about using it and those were a small fraction of actual uses, cannot talk about most as they are very specific, OPSEC and all that good stuff, your tracking I am sure.  Short answer is, if you want a good med kit to be on you at all times, especially in an LE capacity, this is an absolute must-face.  

Review should be up next week (or so).