Just mere life is not victory, just mere death is not defeat.

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As 2017 comes and 2016 goes, some of you will think about making some resolutions.  You should do one better.  Sit down and make a list with two categories.  On one side you list all the things, people, places, foods, etc that made you feel good and helped you progress in 2016.  No negativity, all positive memories.

On the other side list the completely negative things, people, places, foods, etc that you remember from 2016.  Everything negative, things which did not help you in any way, people who are evil/vile, places which you did not feel any benefit was gained by you going there.  Foods which you did not enjoy, but also foods which are bad for you (yes, that gas station hot dog, that probably was not real meat...) and anything else which you may need to cut out of your life.

Use this as a guide to remove negativity from your life going forward.  Use it to move beyond certain things that keep you from making progress in your life.  Build on it as time progresses.  Remove things that stop you from reaching your goals.  Remove certain people.  Remove certain foods, and remove anything which comes with a hefty price and offers nothing of any value in return.

There is nothing, especially not a change in one number of a year, which will remove or negate everything which you have done, but you can be motivated enough to move on during such a period in time.

As you probably well know, I am advocate for being a responsible person, an ethical person and someone who goes out of their way to better themselves.  Go find some training which is worth taking.  Figure out what you need to do to be a more dangerous person and do it.  Train, read, perfect your ability, and become the person you want to be, or a greatly more dangerous version of that person.

You would do well to remember and spend time with those who you have learned from and who you have think of as family and close friends.  Our time is very short here, use it wisely.