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Update Ameriglo FBI Sights - Size Comparisons

I received a lot of feedback and requests for size comparisons against the Ameriglo FBI sights and the Trijicon HD sights.

Front Sight Comparisons:

The HD sights are 0.144 wide front blade and about .215 tall, as per the Trijicon website.  I used the Ameriglo Defoor all black sights as a known reference.

The Ameriglo Defoor sights measure .115 front sight so these are at around .125 front.  Since .140 would be substantially more and there needs to a minimum size for the orange his visibility circle.  

Rear Sight Comparisons:

As you can see the U-Notch is very much bigger than the HD's.

It also appears to be slightly deeper and possibly closer to the slide after install.

(front sight comparisons L->R)

Trijicon HD | Ameriglo Defoor | Ameriglo FBI | Ameriglo LE CAP | Ameriglo .090 Steel Front