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Results of Carry Method and Carry Gun Surveys

I had good and interesting results of Modifications to your Carry gun survey I conducted earlier in the month.

I went on to do another poll that was not as heavily participated but still provided a good amount of data - Method of Carry survey.

At the same time over at Pistol-Forum.com, a survey was being done of the membership for "What do you carry" for the membership there, which had about 298 submissions at the time of this post/calculation.  


"What do you carry?"

Glock dominated the carry survey, 136 people said they carry one.

H&K put up the next highest number at 42 people.

Then "other - semi auto" put up 26, which was not a gun on the list to choose from.

S&W - "semi auto excluding 1911s" was at 22.

The rest were a hodgepodge of random gun store pickups.  You can see the actual numbers per type at the link above to the thread.  


283 people carry a semi auto pistol.

15 people carry revolvers, 12 of which are S&W.

This does not show anything new, particularly reinforcing the fact that people will default to carry a Glock and if you review my previous modifications to carry gun survey results you'll see what people do to their carry guns, which are mostly Glocks.

Method of Carry Results:

You can see the end result of the poll here, the end result number is wrong on the website, 417 people took this survey.

AIWB is at 106 and Strong side (Left or Right at 3 or 9 o'clock) is at 95, these dominate the methods of carry.

Right behind that is Behind A-Line Carry at 50.  What is an "A-Line" ? Well it's simple, if you put a t-shirt on, like this "Grate for the hardships" shirt I've got up on Teespring right now, the seam under your armpit is your "A-Line" give or take 1/4 inch.  If you carry behind this point, commonly done with a hybrid holster, then you are carrying in this method.

After that Pocket Carry is at 38, which is closely followed by OWB Concealed Carry at 32.  People seem to like their pocket holsters.  I imagine that OWB CC carry is more popular in the winter under a heavy jacket, but usually strong side type carry as no one would AOWB carry a gun...right?

After that LE Dedicated Rig carry at 28, though people are able to submit multiple votes, so we have LEO's who carry OWB in a duty retention rig all the time, or people who use an LE type retention holster.

After that we have Off Body Carry at 18, which can be purse carry, AR Pistol pack carry or messenger bag carry.  

OWB Open carry is at 17, which is to be expected due to the popularity of open carrying firearms.  Though I have to assume this is for people who are out in the rural areas of the US, where open carry is not just common, but expected.

Ankle Carry is at 13 which is good to see people carrying BUGS or suit carrying when waist line carry is impossible due to clothing requirements.

Shoulder Holster Carry (under armpit) is at 10.  Be very careful with this method of carry as you are pointing your gun behind you and when you draw you will muzzle yourself unless you are very careful.

6 people carry Die Hard 1 style, duct tape to the back.  Which is cool and all, if John is your idol.  

3 people chest carry, probably with a safariland setup on a PC or a Hill People Gear type setup.  All of which are excellent if that's the only way you can carry.

There was one person who voted for belt buckle carry.  Freedom Arms or not, that's pretty cool.  

No one seems to carry a punch gun/shirt cuff gun as seen in the movie Inglorious Bastards.

Most people carry on the front or side of their waist.  AIWB or strong side, nearly always concealed.  Food for thought.