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Saw some stuff and wanted to share with you guys just in case it was missed...

TFB Reported on some Failed Glock Mod's

More photos at their page.  Who would do this half-assed butchery?  None other than Zev and Salient.  Wow right?  You may recall I sent a G19 slide out to get milled and documented it here.  No such none-sense.  Also, just to point out, why even bother with all this?  You can get yourself a Dueck Defense RBU and that'll cover any RMR install and iron sight install you need, no machine work.  Pretty damn good to go in my opinion, much better than the above picture alternative.

In case you missed it, yesterday was 11 years since those operators were lost.  Many books were written in their honor, if you have not read one, you should.

Apparently Aimpoint is going to join the ranks of the micro RDS optics, especially for pistols which will compete with the Trijicon RMR.  How soon will they be out? Will they support Glocks? Isn't that a photo of an SBR? Who knows at this point...


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