Just mere life is not victory, just mere death is not defeat.

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CCW getting in the fight.

Part of the responsibility we take on as Americans and those who carry firearms is that in a situation which can only be solved by violence we should have already decided that we will act in defense of community, country, and those weaker than us.  This is something which should be determined by each person but an eventual realization by most who carry a firearm, LE or capable citizen.

CCW holder Byron Wilson engaged a trained army vet who went on an active shooting spree with his pistol, distracting him long enough for SWAT officers to finish what he started.  You probably did not hear this in the media, of course not, it goes against their left agenda that shows we are self sufficient Americans in these circumstances.

I wrote an article a while back "Get in the fight" talking about this specifically.  Byron Wilson should be praised for his selfless actions.  And hopefully he makes a smooth recovery after being shot several times.

Training with a full capacity pistol is extremely important in this type of situation.  Tactics and mindset confirmed through training is how we win these fights.  Are you ready?