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New Duty Boot!

I got these Blauer 6" Clash LT as a replacement for my Salomon Men's XA Pro Mid GTX Hiking Shoe which I did a review on.  Blauer sent me these boots to use for duty and T&E.  

These are 6 inches in height and have Blauer's BOA lacing system.

It works like a crank.  Righty-tighty, it clicks each time.

The laces themselves are pretty low profile and they are woven through the plastic lace containers right out of the box.  To loosen them you just pop the BOA system forward by pulling it.

That's the BOA system pulled forward you can see the laces are loose.

I know you are probably thinking, it is summer 100F plus heat and you want to wear 6 inch boots?  Yeah, well they breath really well.  The photo above shows the side mesh material that is breathable.

You can see the boots have vent holes right by the heel.

The tread is pretty aggressive.

Designed for both wet and dry performance.

Toe construction is very sturdy.

Size comparison to the Salomon's.

Tread comparison.

I've worn these boots for about a week and I can tell you that a good pair of socks goes a long way when having a duty boot.  Blauer sent along their B.COOL 6" Sock.  Works really well and is very comfortable even with the current 90F+ temps we are having...