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Safariland IWB Mag Cloth Pouch

I have been on a quest to find a good IWB glock magazine pouch for when I cannot carry on my belt and need to be as low vis as possible while carrying kit.  I ran the Bianchi Russet, for a bit and bought a few other IWB mag pouches to compare and contrast it to.  I wore a Safariland Flexible IWB mag pouch to a GreenOps Pistol Class and wore it the entire class, it worked well.  I'll be posting up more about it later, same with this cloth Safariland IWB Pouch, which I ordered direct from Safariland as you cannot buy it anywhere else.  ETS Group 22rnd magazine is a standard EDC backup mag for me and it works well in these IWB pouches since it is just long enough.