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Raw OIS Athens, Georgia - Has it all

Check this out...

Some thoughts on the matter for learning purposes - LEO held gun sideways but discharged two handed upright - waste of time.  Limitations of body worn camera - no sound before LEO turns it on, look at all the shakiness and the only reason you see anything at all is because his pistol had a Streamlight TLR1s (check out the review I did on it) on it, just another argument for weapon mounted lights.  You can hear the LEO go over radio several times giving direction, which is excellent.  The deployment of a taser was in effective, a failure to function properly.  I assume it was because of the bagginess of the clothing he was wearing, you can see that the prongs hit properly but did not contact skin.  Eventually who caught him? Backup.  How long did backup take to get there? Way too long.

At 1:30 you can clearly see the firearm the male suspected pulled on the LEO which caused the discharge.  Good shoot, more cardio required.