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Smarter Home Defense using Wi-Fi

Its zero dark thirty, you are sleeping comfortably in your bed, snoring away and you here the quintessential bump in the night.  Glass breaking, a door moving, something falling down, foot steps, people talking, very loud banging noises or anything else that would awaken you in the middle of the night.  You decide you need to go out and clear every room with your significant other maybe with your battle belt setup, maybe with your rifle or shotgun.  Who knows what you are going to use.  The fact remains is that you are eager and willing to use the skill sets required, that you either do not have or you do not train enough to be confident enough to apply in such a critical situation.  Remember, some of the best operators on the planet, like those of SEAL Team 6 will have gone through  months of "green team" selection, much of that would be CQB "room clearing."  Do you have to be up to their standard? No, probably not, but when you hear a bump in the night you will wish you had trained enough, especially if you decide to go out and look for trouble.

The above video shows an overweight, self-described nerd, talking about the Belkin WeMo Switch, which is a wifi-enabled power switch.  He definitely doesn't know the first thing to operating since he did not talk about this subject, but thankfully you are reading this because I do talk about these things and why they are important.  

I bought one of the Belkin WeMo Switch's and set it up in a hallway, the direct hallway which can be seen from my bedroom which leads to the main entrance of my house.  I set an existing light up so that it projects a shadow against a wall I can see from my bedroom from anything that may be in the main entrance area.  For many of you, this means having a light that is right next to the main entrance door, for others it means you'd need several lights setup so that you did not have to go clearing rooms with WML's and the like.

Lets take this one step further.  You are in your bed or in the bathroom on your phone, since that's where most instagram usage happens.  Your phone decides to buzz with a WeMo app alert saying that your WeMo Motion Sensor just went off.  Seeing as how that's impossible unless there was someone in your home, you decide to wipe really quick and grab the pistol that's magnet attached under your sink (don't forget to press check), use your WeMo app to turn on the lights in your house you have setup so that you can see shadows before you even get out of your bedroom or bathroom and get some work done.  

Still not satisfied?  Good, I am not done.  You are doing some pre-sleep Facebook posting and your tablet goes off with a notification of a motion sensor from your WeMo motion sensor that is near your front door.  You, being the smart and prepared person you are, turn on the Belkin Netcam that is pointed directly into your main entrance area.  You see some dudes that just got into your house by picking the lock of your front door.  You decide to grab your suppressed 300 rifle, pop your door open ever so slightly and get ready to turn the lights on when you hear them coming close.  They come into your view, you click the power button on the WeMo app to turn on the lights that you have positioned to cast a shadow which you can see that they are armed intruders, they get distracted and you put a bunch of Gemtech 187gr .300 BLK rounds into the back of their heads while being so quite their buddies do not even know they are getting worked on.

Then you call 911, telling them what happened, the video which the Netcam recorded strengthens and supports your statements, you are home within a few hours and get to post online how much of a badass you were.  You're welcome, by the way.

Isn't that so much better than clearing rooms and looking for a fight you can have the drop on with a little bit of planning?