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Viridian X5L Gen2 - Update

You may remember my review of the Viridian X5L Gen2.  Since the review the flashlight stopped working on the unit.  Then the green laser only blinked and was not a "fine" dot as it was before.  I emailed Viridian and was told to register the product (this is a new thing since I have never registered the product since the two plus years I have owned it) and then was direct direct to fill out a warranty claim form.  I got an RMA (no shipping label) same day and I sent it back the same day.  I got it back roughly 15 days after I sent it, which was slower turnaround than the last time I had to send it back for warranty work.  This time when I got it back the only part that was the same was the body with the same serial number.  Internally it was a completely different unit.  

I turned the unit on and blamo, fine green dot and bright new flashlight head.  I know its new because there was a scuff mark on the old one that was not on the new one.  In my review I posted a photo of the gasket being broken and this one has the gasket fixed.  I decided to take the unit apart and see what else was changed.

"What the heck is that", I thought.  The flashlight head is not only brand new but it offers a new attachment system.  No more "screw until its hand tight" stuff, you just push in, twist and its connected.  

Is this an improved version? I do not know but they must have had a reason to change it, right?

Internally the connectors look a little bit more robust and you can clearly see the channels for the inserts of the flashlight head.  

The side panels are also new but still plastic, if they changed them to be metal, that would be nice.  They also included two new batteries with the return, so that's nice.

Featured in the photos are the following:

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