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A buddy of mine started to run the H&K VP9 a little while ago.  He decided that he would run it EDC after running Glocks for a long time.  His accuracy increased and he liked the gun very much.  One day he stumbled up on this video review and decided to replicated the water test.  The VP9 stopped working.  It had serious issues and required complete cleaning.  He decided to call H&K and talk to them about it.  He was told they are aware of the "internet test issue" and asked him if "does much swimming" with his pistols.  He asked if they were going to fix the issue and he was told they are not going to fix anything that is generated by "testing on the internet."  He's been carrying a Glock EDC now as the VP9 cannot be trusted.

Figured I would post this since it makes zero sense for a company to disregard users input on their products.