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Aero SBR Redux

The yin-yang side of my Aero SBR that I recently changed up a bit.  If you have not yet read, I changed the SLR Rifleworks rail and gas block because I had a problem.  I resolved it by buying a Geissele MK8 MLOK rail and Super Gas Block, also added some Magpul Pro BUIS to work in conjunction with the Trijicon MRO.

Current specs:

Trijicon MRO | Samson 3.5x Magnifier (review) (off rifle for photo) | CMT Upper | Geissele MK8 MLOK | AXTS Raptor Charging Handle | Geissele Super Gas Block | Magpul MLOK Handstop |  Gemtech G5t titanium 5.56 suppressor | Gemtech 5.56 SBC | Cole-tac Suppressor cover | Arisaka Defense finger stop | Magpul Pro BUIS | Arisaka Defense inline flashlight mount | Streamlight Protac HL (review) | Daniel Defense 10.3" MK18 barrel