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Range Report!

As always I start off with a 200 drill.  Except to day I decided to change things up a bit.  200 drill in 30 seconds, ran cold, with my EDC Gen 4 Glock 19 with an S3F Solutions match barrel with Trijicon HD sights using Winchester White Box 115gr.  I cut the time in half to see what happens when I am under a very heavy time constraint.  I put a 155, as you can see I threw a bunch out of the black one hand strong hand and one hand other strong hand only.  That is totally to be expected and I will continue to work on this as adapt to the heavier time constraint.  

While there I decided to do a timed shoot of 10 rounds at 25 yards on a B8 target in 5 seconds from high ready with my G19L that has a Dueck Defense RBU mounted to it.  Put up a 94.  Not too shab, should be 100 with this setup though.