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Gunshop finds

Didn't get a chance to shoot last night but did get to check out some seriously cool stuff from the toy shop.  

Above is an LWRC IC-PSD factory SBR, cool little stock right? Shakes like Michael J. Fox made it.

Above is a bolt from a HK MR762A1, I put my EDC Streamlight 2AA as a size comparison.  It's a heavy mofo, really tight tolerance and about the same price as an SR25.  

The above are a set of Benelli M4 Tactical semi-auto shotguns.  One is cerakoted, one has a pistol grip.  Why are they note worthy?  Try to find one, anywhere.  These guys have four.

Above are three Gen4 G19's from Lipsey's.  Top one is "buttercream" better known as baby vomit.  Bottom right is "battle brown" which will be the next years "wolf gray" like the top left is.  Pretty cool right?

Not really.  Until you open them up and see that they just took out all the black parts and cerakoted everything else.  Frame rails? Coated.  Bullet stripper on side? Coated.  Inside of the slide? Probably coated, looks like it.  Inside of the pistol lower? Looks coated.  The grip feels like a spray bottle that's blown up a few times onto itself and sticky on one side, gritty with dirt.  Cool idea, but piss poor execution.  I think that it'll work out fine in the long run but the break in period might be a pain.