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NSW To Adopt G19

Per user "Rana" on M4C in this thread confirming that the Glock 19 is going to be "the" gun of NSW going forward.  See selected quoted posts below for more info...

"There have been rumblings about NSW going to the G19 for a few months now and in all reality it has been in service with JSOC for at least a decade. Many thought that the G19 as the new pistol- dubbed an "operators pistol" vs. "service pistol," was simply rumors. With the SIG Contract coming to an end and the immense popularity of the 19; not to mention lower price point of the Glock the timing makes sense."
"The 19 can fill a lot more roles without taking up as much real estate on an operators kit. The move away from a traditional sized "duty pistol" and a move to an "operators pistol" has been a reason behind the popularity of the G19. The G19 is perhaps the most efficiently sized pistol in its class without giving up the capacity of a "duty size" pistol. The G19 can be carried covertly as well as overt supplement to a primary (RE: Long Gun) without being unnecessarily large (duty size). Keep in mind that the G19 is replacing both the P239 and P226 9mm."
Personally, I think this has been a long time coming. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of really good pistols out there these days, and I like the SIG's. But when you start carrying a lot of gear, a pistol that does everything a 226 does in a lighter more efficient package is a huge step forward. 
"I can't speak intelligently to the P320 but the G19 has had a relatively long "positive" track record with JSOC and as stated previously- no other pistol can match the G19 as far as size & efficiency is concerned, which is the biggest selling point of the G19." "we have not taken delivery of the G19's. The fact that other SOCOM Units have moved to this same pistol I would imagine it is the same variant G19 SOCOM wide...again Glock Night Sights, GEN 3, G19. These appear to be stock Glock$ SOCOM wide."
"SOCOM pays the bills and the G19's have already been issued within the other SOCOM Units. If anything we are the last component to adopt it as SF, MARSOC, USAF SOCOM have already made the transition."
"I'm sure the commonality of the Glock 19 USSOCOM wide will be logistically superior and the bean counters will save millions in the age of .mil cutbacks. WTBS, I believe that USSOCOM got it right with this choice. Logistically and Tactically the G19 makes sense and it has had a 10yr+ "shake out" with JSOC and is a known proven factor.""Keep in mind this change isn't just for the sake of change. SIG Sauer makes a damn good pistol in the P226 and P239, this change has more to do with having a common pistol throughout USSOCOM and saving you the tax payer millions of $$$ while still having the right tool to complete the "mish."