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Perspectives: Wishful Thinking & Playing Dead is Not a Plan (Part 2) - BBC

Second part from BreachBangClear:

Perspectives: Wishful Thinking & Playing Dead is not a Plan (Part 2)David ReederSo, we are discussing what the individual or specific family unit can do to prepare for an event like what happened in Paris last Friday. Can someone truly be ready? Not entirely, no, but we can take steps to mitigate disaster. Note that this is not focused on the macro level. We're not talking about politics here, nor are we trying to inflame passions with demagoguery. If you want to discuss what we can do about poverty, extremism, open borders, etc., that's fine but it's for another day.
Let's be candid for a moment here. Bring it in close, and take a knee, I'm going to lay some knowledge on you: posting memes and making grandiose statements about how it's, "time to start killing motherfuckers," is neat, and gosh it makes you look hard on social media, but it's not going to keep your family alive when pressure cooker IEDs start going off at the county fair. Know what else? Making a 'Terrorist Hunting Permit' your profile picture isn't going to stop ISIS or anyone else. Fact is, unless you're actually going to grab a long gun and go shoot some of these guys in the face, it's just an exercise in self-congratulatory futility that makes you look foolish.

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