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Perspectives: Wishful Thinking & Playing Dead Is Not a Plan (Part 1) - BBC

Saw this article posted up on BreachBangClear.com.  I was going to write an article very similar but David gives a good perspective on it...

Perspectives: Wishful Thinking & Playing Dead Ain't Much of a Plan (Part 1)
David Reeder
Using les couleurs in your profile picture to show support for France is a nice gesture, as is donating to the Red Cross. But it doesn't do a whole lot at a practical level. Not for them, certainly not for us. We need to spend less time time talking about loading mags and more time  actually preparing for such an event here.
Not at the strategic level. I’m not talking about closing the borders, stopping the influx of Syrian refugees or adopting a realistic and effective foreign policy. I mean we should discuss how each of us, within the confines of practicality and pragmatism, can prepare for the growing likelihood that we'll be center stage when some asshole starts killing people.
Practical and pragmatic are the two key words here—the third should also be realistic. This can happen anywhere, and despite what assorted media outlets are reporting to sensationalize it, it doesn’t have to be planned and rehearsed to be successful. Any six assholes could decide while you’re reading this to hit all the Cracker Barrels in Cleveland, and tomorrow your breakfast plans would not only be ruined, you'd be on national news. Me, I’d like to carry an SBR [Short Barreled Rifle] or a PDW [Personal Defense Weapon] and a dozen mags everywhere I go, but I'm guesing the management Cinemark IMAX off Highway 169 or other places I frequent might demur (or misunderstand my intent).
So what’s the answer?

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