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Oregon, Umpqua Community College Shooting

The above video was posted a few days before the first 911 call on 10/1/2015 (yesterday) at 10:38 AM.  A mentally deficient POS shot a teacher through the door and then walked into the classroom at Umpqua Community College in Oregon, allegedly asking students what their religion was before shooting them down.  Some played dead after being shot, one Army veteran, Chris Mintz decided he had to act.  He was very willing to put himself into harms way and he did so at the expense of his how safety, as he was shot 5 times, several students were able to escape and notify others in various class rooms of the active shooting in progress.  Chris Mintz will have to learn to walk again, but he will have more support than he will know what to do with, he earned it.  If he had been armed with a firearm, the outcome may have been different.

On August 1st, 1966, another mentally deficient POS kills his family and then climbs a tower at the University of Texas in Austin with several rifles and shotguns.  From there he kills 14 people, one of which was the first responding police officer, and injuries 32 others.  Who responded?  Everyone.  20 minutes after the first shot was fired armed citizens as well as any police officer who heard the call began to return fire at the tower.  Three officer's and an armed citizen went into the tower and eventually caught up with the murderous POS, killing with several shotgun blasts.

(officers at UCC clearing buildings, one room at time)

When the bullets start flying, who shows up?  Who is the first one through the door, every single time?  The man or woman with a gun, projecting violent intent in a physical manifestation on whoever is disrupting the way of life we all hold so dear.  The armed citizen is the first and best chance for the fastest resolution to any situation like what happened in Oregon.  The only way to stop a mentally deficient POS with a firearm is by someone who is ready to use a firearm in the defense of others by putting themselves into harms way.  How did the UCC active shooting end?  First responding LEO's ventilated the POS, the time between the first 911 and the time the POS was killed was less than 5 minutes from a few reports, in those minutes he killed and injured dozens of people.  The faster the response, the faster the show of force against the POS, the greater the chances of survival for everyone.

The only thing that needs to begin to change is the sense of community we, as Americans, have once felt for each other, in each other.  In 1966, on that Texas college campus armed citizens began to fight back and helped the responding officer's stop the threat, this repeats itself often enough it is not a coincidence.  There was no liberal professor out there begging for the gun man to stop on a bullhorn, no protests for him to put his evil rifle down, all of that is a pipe dream, and restricting the average citizens ability to respond to this type of situation will most definitely guarantee it will occur again.  Dom Raso is correct in his statement that it is the responsible gun owners that defend the freedom of this country, we need more of these people, they are backbone of the American way of life.  

As I stated in my article Get in the fight, it is our collective responsibility to our community to defend each other during these types of occurrences.  Restricting the ability for any citizen to do this is accepting evil as it exists and creating circumstances where people have to volunteer to be killed or face possible legal issues.  The Americans who were killed at UCC, just like those killed in other schools, should serve as a huge wake up call for those who are not wiling to let their lives depend on others for protection and safety.  You have to make the right choice for yourself and your future.  You have to accept your mortality, accept what you do not know and seek to make yourself a stronger, more capable person.  Be the person that shows up to every situation ready for the fight.  Do not accept someone else's idea of what or how people should be or act during these types of events.  Get training, carry, and be vigilant in your travels.