Just mere life is not victory, just mere death is not defeat.

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Fourteen years to the day, our nation experienced one of its greatest losses.  As such we took it upon ourselves to take the fight to the evil that facilitated this tragedy.  We have seen this event play out in the media through replays and original broadcasts so that we do not forget what happen on that day, so that we are reminded of the thousands of lives lost that day and what the price of freedom actually is.  Freedom is most definitely not free, we sustain it by being who we fundamentally are, Americans.  We bring the fight to them, through military and law enforcement, and if they decide to bring the fight to us, we will be ready.  What happened in France, with their citizens scared to go on the streets while terrorists killed their people and law enforcement should be met with swift vigilance here.  Remember what we are fighting for, remember those who gave their lives, freely, in response to the attack on our freedom.

We should all, as free citizens of United States, take an attack on our rights and our freedoms as a challenge to our existence.  We must do our best to educate those who stand against our freedoms and want to restrict our rights to defend ourselves, not just from those who would do us harm, but from those who would restrict us from helping our fellow citizens.  We have a responsibility to each other, we must take an active role in helping our people, so that our way of life may survive when challenged as it did on 9.11.2001

On this day, throughout the last fourteen years, I have visited every memorial site, read every name and drank to their memory.  I will raise a glass to their memory today, as well as the memory and strength of those who would put themselves into harms way against those who would challenge our way of life.

While I know this day will be remembered for those who died on US soil, we should not forget those Americans who were targeted abroad for trying to spread freedom and flying the Red, White and Blue.  If you have not had a chance, read 13 Hours, which details the struggles of the Americans targeted on 9.11 in Benghazi.