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Instructor Zero | Room Clearing & Shooting Under Vehicle Cover

This is a pretty weak video.  First you get a big WARNING screen saying this was footage from T&E for a Canik Pistol and AR500 Body Armor.

This is this guy you send this stuff to?  This is the guy you want testing your products? Really?  Both companies went down a notch for me if they trust this guy to make a statement for their companies. 

Let's just talk about the highlights!

YoutTube still-image preview?  Ohh that's him pointing a gun at his own arm while he's clearing a corner with a light that he can't even see around.  Holy Tier One tactics!

Then they show IZ shooting an AR500 plate with various things, like .50 beowulf, pistols, AK's and what appears to be a .338 lapua.  Wow, all those things you could just search youtube to see for yourself, wait the title of the video is room clearing and shooting under vehicle cover.  

Wait, vehicle cover?  Vehicle's aren't cover, by the way.

Ohh look, he's urban prone on one side of a vehicle shooting at steel IPSC targets at 15 yards, must be an operator.

The lack of scanning after shooting is awesome too, great instructing there IZ.

Who's the other dude walking around in half the video?  I hope they didn't throw that in the video because they wanted to show how mobile bulletproof AR500 plates are, because that would be stupid.