Just mere life is not victory, just mere death is not defeat.

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Carrying a firearm doesn't make you a badass.

Watch this video

Check out the above video.  White guy goes into a store after 12am in a not so nice place.  Never notices the guy come in.  Never notices the guy eye him up.  Apparently he had a gun on his hip.  Maybe the BG saw it and went for? Either way, notice the fetal position the white guy automatically went into?  Yeah, the BG had his back very quickly.  The guy stopped fighting early on and tried to grab him several times, what should have done?  Actually fought like his life depended on it, because the only reason the white guy didn't end up being killed here is the lack of want to kill someone by the BG.  

Having a gun on your hip does not automatically make you the worlds most dangerous person.  It does not mean you are invisible and can take on any situation, especially the dangerous ones.  If you have a gun on your hip and you do not train any sort of hand to hand or for a violent physical confrontation you are setting yourself up for failure.  Like this guy did.