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Range Report!

I hit the range and ran some drills, also did some zero'ing and function checking of rifles that have been modified, as usual I post up a Range Report.

As always I start off with a 200 drill.  Above was run with my EDC Gen 4 Glock 19 with a Barsto barrel with Trijicon HD sights using Fiocchi 115gr 9mm.  My two hand freestyle was low and left, nothing new there, still a fairly tight group with a straggler or two, means I need to work on my trigger control and point of reference for the sights needs to be consistent.  Strong hand only lightly high and right, which means I'm probably rubbing up on the top of the trigger guard, the frame of the gun more than I should.  Other strong hand only I threw four out of the black to the right, which is all me jerking the trigger and letting the grip loosen up.  I will continue to work on having a consistence grip and trigger press other strong hand.

Then I ran a 200 drill in 60 seconds with an OEM Gen 3 Glock 19 with the newer Ameriglo Defoor night sights, same 115gr Fiocchi 9mm ammo.  Put an 89 up for the two hand standing freestyle, which is slightly lower than I'd like, and the group is not as tight as I had above shooting slower, but expected with the faster rate of fire.  Strong hand only in the black, though no rounds out, rounds are high.  Other strong hand only all rounds were high, which is expected while shooting fast.  Just a note, I was crushing the hell out of the gun other strong hand so those high shots are all trigger control and placement on the trigger bar.

Aside from that, I zero'ed the above pistol with the AccuPower 1-4x MilSquare.  I was afraid that the SLR 15 position adjustable gas black was too closet to the rail:

I set it on the 7th click from full open and it ran with no issues suppressed and un-suppressed.  I zero'ed the optic at 25y, for 100m following F2S's "Zen of the 100 Meter Zero." I prefer this zero for reasons you can read F2S talk about.

I zero'ed the above PWS MK107 at the same distance for the same zero.  The 3.5x Samson magnifier worked well and zero'd really well.  The 3.25MOA RM06 is at home on this type of setup.