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Palestine TX - Police Shooting

Watch this video:

Then rewind it and watch it again.  What do you notice?

I immediately noticed the fact he never put his arms by his sides during the interaction until he was ready to draw his pistol.  What does that tell you about human nature?  When someone is doing something weird or outside the norm, there is a reason for it.

I will not Monday morning QB these two officers, they do not come off as rookies and they were there, I was not.  

Per the article posted yesterday at policeone.com, the officer's knew he was the subject of a theft investigation.  To the LEO's who frequent this page, this is exactly the reason why we have "protective sweeps" and the ability to place a person (of interest) in custody during the investigation.  He was under arrest based on the information the officer's had when they went into that bathroom, they had enough for PC.   He was not free to leave

Moving on...

While it was an excellent idea to take the interaction/investigation outside, it allowed him time to plan and allowed him time and space to develop whatever force he wanted to.  He had a pellet gun that looked pretty damn real, yes that is a stupid move and yes that led to his suicide-by-police death.

There are reports that the female officer first drew her taser - this is a training issue that needs to be resolved by her and her department, more training, more reps, not less.