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New duty watch

Aside from firearms and tactical stuff, I enjoy watches.  I have been wearing a Timex Expedition Military Field watch on duty for a while, nearly two and half years.  It finally died on me.  It is the same watch I wrote up a review of.  Great watch, but it just stopped working one day after doing some unscheduled physical activity.  I decided to get a Seiko SNE329 watch.  I have been a huge fan of Seiko watches for a long time and I figured this was a good opportunity to get a daily beater watch for duty work that will last a while and if breaks during some more unscheduled physical activity, then I will not be out too much money.

I still highly recommend the Timex to anyone who wants to get a really nice and cheap beater watch that they will not be upset about if it breaks on them, this one lasted me well past the warranty period (one year) so I am fairly happy with its performance.