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Portable Storage

I have touched on this before and since portable digital media storage is very cheap now, how prepared are you?  Do you have your important documents (SS cards, passports, birth certs, driver's licenses, taxes, etc) backed up to digital media?  What about your old photographs?  No, I am not trying to sell you a hard drive and for most people if you do not have a lot of photographs you can put everything on a secure thumb drive but you should be planning towards the future.  If you want to be prepared just in case something happens (like a fire or flood for example) and you need get out of your home ASAP you probably aren't going to be grabbing a bunch of paperwork with you, since your spouse and children are more important.  How difficult would it be to throw a small digital media device into your go bag and grab the whole thing when you run out the door?  I know a few people who had this very nightmare occur and what happened next really sucked.  How long does it take to get a new social security card? Birth certificate? Drivers license?  What proof do you need to get those things?  Pretty long and annoying process.  Only reason I bring it up is because I have had a contingency plan for all my photographs and important documents for a long time.  I have a few different scanning programs available to me like CamScanner for Android.  I scanned all my important paperwork and have digital copies secured/encrypted on this WD 1TB portable hard-drive, along with most of my photographs.  If there is an issue, I grab my go bag which has the hard drive in it, and run out the door - no worries.