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Ameriglo Defoor Sights

As I posted, I ordered these sights from Ameriglo when I saw them on Kyle Defoor's instagram page.  I had a bit of an issue sighting them in on a Gen3 G19, as you can see from the photo the rear sights are nearly all the way to the right.  That may be because the front sight is slightly canted, this is a known issue, it may be because of the PMC bronze ammo I was using at the time.  I did not do a 200 drill with them, though I should have.  What makes this sight stand out or is different?  If you read my review of the Ameriglo CAP, Defoor and Pro-I Dot's you'll know that the Defoor sights from Ameriglo are very accurate but lacked any sort of night time usage without a flashlight.  This set gives you one bead of tritium at the bottom of the sights and a flat black rear which many people already do with Trijicon HD or Pro-I dot front sights and a flat black rear.  As I go about testing the gun with the sights I will keep updating with what I find.

As you can see the difference above between the Trijicon HD sights and these new sights.  Obvious width difference.  

Ameriglo was cool enough to send me two packs of their glow sticks, I have not had a chance to try them but I will when the occasion arises!