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Range report

Hit the range, ran a 200 drill with my EDC G19 w/ Barsto barrel:

Better than the last time but threw four out of the black.  I called the 5 ring and two 7/6 ring shots to the right of the center.  Gata get back on the strong hand only and other strong hand only dry-fire train, might pick up a SIRT pistol for more than just that.  
While I was at the range, I zero'd the MK18 build I recently put together.

Vortex Sparc II 2MOA with a Samson 3.5x magnifier, was a breeze to zero.  Though, I do see a starburst with the magnifier in line, it goes away at lower power.  I will update the more I use it.

Also saw this guy at the fun shop, pistol version, smaller/shorter magazine.  Pretty snazzy.  I'd say it would be pretty cool with a stock and large mag.