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XS Suppressor Sights

As you may know, I picked up a set of XS Suppressor Height Sights for a 9mm Glock.  I decided to put them on my G17L, because its already awesome and I will eventually get a suppressor (and a threaded barrel to use it with) for this beast.  As I stated before I really like how well these sights are made and how much you get with your purchase.

As you can see above you get a lot of stuff to use to remove the old sights and install the XS Sights.

I apologize that my work bench is not clean, but it does not detract from the fact that the tools you get from XS are pretty good.  Easily removed the old sights and installed the new sights.

You may be wondering, why is the front sight post hanging over the front end area where the cutout exists?  Good question, but I doubt it'll interfere with the sights performance, or maybe it'll blow the sights clean off?  I guess I will find out!