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USO Covers issue

I recently purchased a US Optics SR4c and as all US Optics it came with flip up lens covers for the front and rear of the optic.  I have been carrying the SR4c for about three weeks in the Vertx Gamut when I noticed one day that the front lens cover broke in two pieces.  They are plastic and fairly bendable but apparently not pliable enough to withstand the use I put on it through carrying.  I contacted US Optics and they had me a new set of lens covers within a day or so, at no cost.  This is obviously a huge plus one to their customer service standard and how they do business.  To make sure I fixed the situation and not have to bother them again for breaking the covers, I bought a ScopeCoat off Amazon to throw on the optic while I carry it around.  Easily (and cheap) solution.