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Range Report

Hit the range today real quick, specifically to test the XS Suppressor height sights on my G17L since the front sight sits over the cutout part.  I ran a 200 drill like I always do.  

Put up a 175, with my G19, barsto barrel, pmc bronze 115gr ammo.  Shooting low left two hand strong hand freestyle.  Which ill need to work on.  Might just be the zero, the ammo, or just me that needs more work.  Probably me.

I put 50 rounds through the G17L to see if the front sight will move and no it did not.  Which is expected since it is a pretty well built sight.  I do need to rezero the rear sights since I put them on fairly quickly and may have not zeroed them on the gun properly.  Will report back.

I also saw this guy and since I dont know much about 1911s I was told its an officer grip with a 4inch barrel.  The grip is really thin and I was told it comes in 9mm also.  Not bad.