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Range Report

Hit the range today with a friend and we ran some drills and knocked the dust off our kit.  As always I started out with a 200 drill.

We used a replacement center for the NRA B8 target (what you see is how big it is, there is no 6/5 ring and the ends of the 7 ring are cut off).  I counted 19 hits so I took off 10 points from the top, giving me a 163.  The bottom left 7 zone hits and the low/high left 8 zone hit is all trigger control.  The top hits you can see are all strong and other strong hand only.  (1 hash mark for 2 hand free-style, 2 hash marks for strong hand only, 3 hash marks for other strong hand only)  With these small targets "aim small miss small" is the name of the game.  

We also ran several one shot from draw and hostage target drills which I wanted to do since I have been carrying this Eidolon holster.  The configuration I ended up with seems to work really well at this time.  I was wearing a hoody and an arc'teryx jacket during the drills so draw times were not the fastest, but I was still around 1.1x-1.4x making solid hits.  Wearing two layers slows you down a bit.

In the second video I am reloading from a Bianchi Russet IWB leather mag pouch.  As you can see its not as fast as an OWB mag pouch  but its definitely concealable and applicable to conceal carry.