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Companies having crappy business practices...

Last night the above image was used by the company that makes the incog holster without my permission.  They paid daily_badass - a popular instagram feed - to post it so that they can get followers on their instagram page.  This is pathetic and sad.  I confronted the company on their instagram page as did others and they deleted the post completely and did not respond at all.  They were also confronted on the above linked instagram feed and I was given credit for the photo, but only by the instagram feed owner, NOT by the company that falsely used my image as their own.  If you know of any company who does this, you should go out of your way to call them out on their bullshit and make sure others know.  This is plagiarism and exactly like if I were walk into their shop and take one of their products, posting it everywhere saying it was my own and taking credit for everything that had to do with it.  Funny enough the image above is from my review of the Incog Holster and how bad my experience with it was.  If you have not read the review, do it, you will see how this holster is not for you.