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shot show aar update

If you read my original post about SHOT I said I was going to add more to the stuff I saw at SHOT 2015.

I got my hands on a set of suppressor sights for a Glock 17 (and 19/26) from XS sights.  You may be thinking that you have heard the name but never actually seen a pair of sights from XS.  Well you probably have if you picked up a Marlin, Mossberg or Remington rifle/shotgun in the last few years since they are standard/OEM factory sights for many of those firearms.  Since I will eventually be running a 9mm suppressor on my 17L (because longer is better) these suppressor sights will fit right in to the mix.  Why do I mention them?  Look at the packaging, you get pretty much everything you need to install them (other than the rear that requires a special tool) and they are POA/POI center of ledge at 25 yard - something I want out of sights.  They also come in two different styles, Big Dot or Small Dot.  That's a lot of options for a sighting system.

(from member Munition on ar15.com)

Knight's Armament (KAC) displayed some seriously awesome stuff.  Specifically their keymod lineup.  You may be thinking, what is so special about keymod and isn't m-lok the new "it" ?  Maybe, maybe you have not gotten your hands on one of their 14.5" URX4'd SBR's, with all the goodies like they had at SHOT.  That thing is awesome.  Ohh, they make pretty cool suppressors too.

(from MSW)

Surefire's XC1, click -> here <- for a better picture.  It is Surefire's entry into the small (but still all metal) defensive light market.  I like it because it does what other companies like Crimson Trace or Viridian try to do except with an all metal body.  I am sure they will eventually incorporate a laser into the mix in this style and then they will be competing with Viridian's X5L Gen2 and Crimson Trace's Rail Master Pro.  Of course I am only posting about it because I assume it'll be in line with Surefire's pricing and as such only a few people will actually go out and buy it since Surefire has a habit of gauging the market.

United Armor International developed a lightweight helmet that is about a pound lighter than the Team Wendy Ballistic and has (according to them) the same ballistic rating.  I held one, it was light, very light weight.  They also have the ability to cut out ballistic plates that are also very light and thin to your specifications.  I saw this ballistic shield on display and was amazed at how light it was.  For someone does police work it is a great entry tool and light enough to carry around with your duty gear.  I got to fingerbang one of their Spartan Panel's, which I will probably be buying soon for duty work.  It comes in at just under a pound for a 10x12 plate and is bendable.  Rated for pistol ammo up to .44 mag and 5.7x28 when in conjunction with a level II soft vest (which most police officer's wear already).  Pretty cool stuff if you ask me, I will be posting up when I get my hands on more of their stuff. 

I got my hands on this Quiqlite X pictured above.  It is a red / white light (on, strobe and 20/75 lumen out put for white light) and micro usb charging.  Since I work at night this thing is going to rule.  For any police officer who works at night you know the pain of having to get your flashlight out in order to look at ID or paperwork and it helps having two hands free while doing this stuff.  I picked up one of these at their SHOT booth.  Pretty damn cool and I will post up as I use and abuse it on duty.

As before I'll add more as I remember them.